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Mr. Skiffle Guitar


Side A

1. SPANISH EYES (Kaempfert/Singleton/Snyder) Carlin Music Corp. 3.04
2. FOOL ON THE HILL (Lennon/McCartney) Northern Songs. 1.59
3. STARS FELL ON ALABAMA (Perkins) Campbell Connelly. 2.44
4. YESTERDAY (Lennon/McCartney) Northern Songs. 2.42
5. TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS (Woods/Campbell/Connelly) Northern Songs. 2.56
6. POOR BUTTERFLY (Golden/Hubbel/Burnside) Francis, Day & Hunter. 2.50

Side B

1. MICHELLE (Lennon/McCartney) Northern Songs. 2.55
2. THE CHRISTIES ((Denny Wright) Rimusic. 1.50
3. FLY ME TO THE MOON (Howard) Kensington. 2.52
4. HOW INSENSITIVE (Jobim) Leeds. 3.21
5. MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT (Suessdorff) Chappell. 2.56
6. I CAN'T GET STARTED (Suessdorff) Chappell. 2.56

A Rediffusion International Music Production
Producer Charles Berman
Cover Photo M. Laguens

Printed in England by West Brothers . Printers . Limited

Wright was part of Donegan's group who first took skiffle to the Soviet Union in 1957. From 1940 (Workers' Playtime, among others) until the early 1980s, Wright worked as a session musician, providing guitar on hits by Mary Hopkin, Dusty Springfield and Tom Jones, among others.
Together with Bill Bramwell and Donegan's younger lead guitar players, Les Bennetts and Jimmy Currie, he helped inspire the next generation of British lead guitarists working with blues-based material in a rock context. In Chapter 6 of "The Beatles: The Biography" (by Bob Spitz), George Harrison's friend Arthur Kelly recounts George attempting Wright's solo from Last Train to San Fernando.[2] In "The British Invasion" by Barry Miles, Miles said that the first song rehearsed by The Quarrymen after they were joined by Paul McCartney was 'Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O, the Donegan hit which featured a trademark Wright solo.
Paul McCartney: "I remember going to see Lonnie Donegan in 1956 at the Empire in Liverpool. It was wonderful. After we saw him and the skiffle groups, we just wanted guitars. Denny Wright, his guitar player, we really used to love – he was great." ( interview) "I loved Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donegan's guitarist, Denny Wright, who was fantastic." (Guitarist magazine, 2004)
Philip Norman: "...a tuxedoed trio that included a virtuoso electric guitarist, Denny Wright. That touch of sophistication was Paul's Damascene moment; from then on, he burned to play a guitar and sing..." (Paul McCartney: The Biography (2016))
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